Golf Course Maintenance Records System




Golf Course Maintenance Records System (GCMRS) is an Internet based system for improving productivity and efficiency for all of your golf course equipment. There are no programs to maintain and update. All of your information is stored in our data center with secure backup. If you have a computer and a connection to the Internet, you can use GCMRS.


GCMRS helps you identify equipment that you wish to monitor. In GCMRS you will create an Equipment List by associating each piece of equipment with a Model Record. The Model record lists all the specifications for the equipment, including oil type and quantity, battery size, engine specifications, replacement part information and all other specifications for the model. Each piece of new equipment can be associated with a model.

After you have inventoried and recorded all of your equipment, you create service records for the equipment. A Schedule Record is created for each Model in your system. The Schedule Record contains all of your maintenance service intervals for your equipment. Information from the Schedule Record is then used to create a Service Record for each piece of equipment you have. Service records are updated when you perform maintenance.


The system is made up of the following easy to use pages:
Golf Course Maintenance Records System
Equipment List
Equipment Record
Model Record

Service Record
Update Schedule Record

GCMRS includes automatic monitoring programming to email schedules and notifications when maintenance is required. The Web based systems uses a series of color codes to indicate when maintenance is necessary or has reached a critical stage for a piece of equipment.

GCMRS is available to begin using immediately for a monthly service fee of  $68.00 for each Maintenance Facility you want to include. The minimum sign up time is 3 months and payments are due quarterly at the beginning of the 1st month of your 1st quarter and for each subsequent quarter thereafter.


To sign up or for additional information, please call Patrick Cardamone at 201-930-0749 or email at